Mold Infestation And Moisture: Addressing The Source

Mold is a resilient thing, just the smallest amount of water and food and it will grow almost anywhere. That’s why we correct the mold in your home and set up preventative measures. This will ensure that the mold won’t grow back. If you suspect that your home or business has a moisture problem that’s … Read more

Mold Damage And How Can Your Avoid It In New Jersey?

You have probably heard a great deal about mold damage. A lot of it most likely focuses on the musty smell it causes and how gross it looks but the trickier questions are hardly answered. Some of those questions might include: What is mold? Is it dangerous? How does it begin to grow in our homes? Where … Read more

What Is Mold And What Kind Of Damage Can It Do?

Mold and fungi There are a lot of organisms known as fungi; estimates put their number at 300,000. Fungal species, often known as funguses, are described by the US EPA as “types of plants that have no leaves, flowers, or roots.” Molds found in cheese, peanut butter, mulch, hay, grains, and spoiled foods; organisms that … Read more

Should I Be Worried About Mold Growth In My Home?

You need to promptly and actively remove mold growth, and address the moisture source properly. Unaddressed mold growth and moisture will only worsen with time and spread to previously clean areas. It is important for Ocean County New Jersey property owners to conduct regular maintenance checks. And pay close attention to the warning signs of … Read more

CIRS Mold Testing and Remediation In New Jersey

What OSHA Says OHSA estimates that more than 25% of buildings in the United States have water damage. OHSA recommends cleaning and drying damp surfaces within 24 to 48 hours to prevent mold growth. A big part of treating CIRS is determining where the biotoxins are coming from and getting them out of the environment. … Read more

Mold Myths

All Black Mold Is Hazardous Because of the stigma associated with black mold and mold spores, people normally run for the hills when they see anything that could be a dark colored mold. Real black mold isn’t anything to be trifled with. But some of the forms of mold you see could be black but … Read more

Why Does Mold Exist? What To Know If It’s In Your Home

A topic that some people have probably wondered about if they have ever had to deal with mold. Why do we have mold? What is the purpose of mold? Does it even exist for a reason? Mold like most other living organisms on this planet have their place and exist for a reason. Different molds … Read more

Get A Mold Inspection When Opening Up Your Jersey Shore Summer Home For the Season

Spring and summer mean fun in the sun, family, and barbecues. But the last thing you probably think about is mold in your New Jersey Shore home. Opening the curtains and laying out the deck furniture, cleaning the bathrooms, and stocking up on groceries may be part of your yearly routine for getting the house … Read more

Where To Check For Mold In Your Home

Where To Check For Mold – Moisture Is The Key Knowing where to check for mold in your home is the first step of prevention. No matter how thoroughly you clean your house, you could be harboring a silent invader: mold. Mold and mildew thrive in the secret, damp, warm spaces inside your home. And … Read more