Why Does Mold Exist? What To Know If It’s In Your Home

what is mold and what happens if it's in my home

A topic that some people have probably wondered about if they have ever had to deal with mold. Why do we have mold? What is the purpose of mold? Does it even exist for a reason? Mold like most other living organisms on this planet have their place and exist for a reason. Different molds grow for different purposes. And some we have even learned to use for products that are used every day including some foods that you might eat.

Why Does Mold Exist? Why do we have mold?

Mold exists as part of the Fungi kingdom and its purpose is to assist in digesting organic material. Digesting implies that it eats and well yes, it does. Mold spores exist in the natural environment all around us almost all the time. These spores can linger in the air and can travel great distances through air’s movement. This is usually not an issue as mold requires specific conditions to grow like moisture and a food source. Once the spores land on viable food source and it receives enough moisture it will start to feed and replicate. If the mold loses the proper moisture it needs to thrive it will cease to grow. 

Fungi digests organic material and cycles nutrients in nature

So why do we have mold? As stated, it exists to digest organic materials but what does that actually mean. It means that without mold the world we live in would be overpopulated with trees, leaves and bark. Mold exists in the environment to break down those dead leaves and trees and plants. It actually is our friend and is doing us a huge favor in our environment. However, it is best to keep our friends in the outdoors. 

Mold Spreads Easily Outdoors and Indoors

Mold reproduces by releasing spores. The spores become airborne, land on surfaces and spread to digest the organic matter that is present. Outdoors, this is an important function in nature and an efficient way to accomplish what needs to be done. When mold comes indoors, its goal continues to remain clear. The wood and paper in the sheetrock that are used to build your home are made of organic matter. And under the right conditions, that will become its target.

Indoors in an enclosed environment such as your home or business is where mold can become a problem. When mold comes into your home it has only one goal. This is to continue its life cycle and purpose which is to help digest any organic matter.

Prioritize Prevention By Controlling Moisture

The easiest way to prevent mold from growing within our homes it to make sure it does not receive enough moisture to grow. As most of our homes are built from organic materials such as wood and sheetrock, you can not deny that to mold spores. Mold spores are also so small, some down to the size of 3 microns so you can not really stop it from entering your home. The easiest way to prevent mold growth in your home is make sure it does not receive the proper amount of moisture in your home. 

Mold is a living organism its growth can go dormant but even in a dormant state mold spores can still be harmful. Black mold, brown mold, green mold, white mold, the color makes no difference and does not give any severity to how harmful it may or may not be. Control the moisture and you can control the mold growth. If you want professional help, call MasterTech Environmental for professional mold remediation services throughout Monmouth County and Ocean County, New Jersey.

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