Professional Mold Inspection

Mastertech Environmental provides thorough & comprehensive mold inspection & mold testing services throughout Monmouth County NJ & Ocean County NJ to investigate any mold concerns you may be having.

Our mold inspection process is designed to get to the bottom of any mold development that could be present, as well as uncovering the source of the moisture that is sustaining the mold.

Mold can not exist without a moisture source, so a main component of our inspection process is to identify that moisture source. It is just as important to address the moisture source as it is to address the mold itself.

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Using our thorough, comprehensive inspection process, we are able to identify and report any and all signs of potential fungal development along with any conditions that may be supporting mold growth within the property. Mastertech’s inspectors are diligently trained, certified & licensed to provide top quality mold inspections backed by honesty, as well as accurate reporting.

At each MasterTech mold inspection, 4 or more lab samples are taken and sent to a laboratory in Bethesda, MD, the same labs used by the United States government. Within 24 hours we have irrefutable proof of the types of molds present and problematic at your property, the amount of molds and the specific dangers of YOUR mold sample. The extensive information we receive is unique ONLY to MasterTech franchises.

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Dealing With Mold Concerns in Residential and Commercial Properties

Mold can develop & spread rapidly in a damp environment. It doesn’t take a lot of moisture for mold to begin to develop. Oftentimes, it is difficult for property owners to identify the full extent of a mold issue within the structure on their own without the help of a professional mold inspector.

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When mold spores are exposed to moisture, they will begin to germinate and spread, rooting themselves into various porous building materials throughout the structure of the property.

Mold can develop on virtually any porous building material, potentially causing widespread mold growth throughout the structure. 

If you are suspecting mold development in your Central Jersey home or business, it is a good idea to have the property inspected by a local certified professional mold inspector.

Trained & Certified Mold Inspectors

Mastertech’s mold inspectors are able to conduct a thorough inspection of the process, including mold testing to determine the full extent of any contamination present within the structure, determining whether mold remediation will be necessary.  

Mastertech’s professional mold inspectors are diligently trained & certified to adequately assess any suspected mold & moisture issues within your property. To fully understand the extent of a potential mold issue, it is imperative that we take a closer look at the conditions in the areas of concern.

Your property’s indoor environment can tell a professional mold inspector a lot about potential fungal development within the space. Using a combination of moisture mapping, thermal imaging and air quality testing, we are able to determine whether there is mold present, identify the source of the moisture, and establish an appropriate plan for mold remediation

Mold Inspection For Homes and Businesses

Mold can grow on virtually any surface of the home, even hidden surfaces where you may not be able to detect it. Let the local mold specialists in Ocean County and Monmouth County, New Jersey help.

Mastertech’s Mold Inspection Process

Mastertech’s specially trained & certified mold inspectors utilize the most advanced inspection tools & techniques when assessing the areas of concern. Our inspectors have extensive experience dealing with mold in both residential & commercial properties throughout the Monmouth County NJ & Ocean County NJ areas.

visual mold inspection new jersey

Visual Inspection

Inspectors conduct a visual walkthrough of the property, noting both indoor & outdoor conditions looking for any signs of mold or moisture that could be supporting mold development.

monmouth county mold inspection moisture mapping

Moisture Mapping

Inspectors use state of the art technology in order to identify areas of significant moisture levels within the structure of the home, tracking patterns and determining start & stop points.

mold inspection thermal imaging ocean county

Thermal Imaging

Inspectors use thermal imaging cameras to locate drops in temperature that could be indicative of an underlying moisture issue beneath the surface of the building material.

monmouth county new jersey air quality testing for mold

Air Quality Testing for Mold

Inspectors will develop an indoor air quality testing plan in order to determine if airborne mold spores are elevated within the interior of the property in comparison to natural outdoor levels. 

surface mold testing nj

Surface Testing for Mold

Surface test samples are collected and sent to a 3rd party, accredited laboratory for analysis. Results of this analysis will be able to tell our inspectors whether a mold problem is present within the space. 

mold inspection report ocean county new jersey

Mold Inspection Reports

You will receive a lab report outlining the findings of the test results, as well as a full inspection report detailing everything that took place during the inspection. Verbal explanation of findings is included. 

Ocean County’s Top-Rated Mold Inspection Company

Mastertech Environmental believes in providing our clients with the highest quality mold remediation services possible. Thorough inspections, honest reporting, and great customer service are just part of that. Our inspectors are diligently trained, professionally certified, and highly experienced.

We understand the importance of a thorough assessment, so our clients are able to fully understand the true extent of their mold-related issues within their properties, therefore being able to make an educated decision on the proper course of action regarding mold removal. Mastertech inspectors vow to always respond with professionalism, respect, and honesty. 

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