Managing The Aftermath With Traumatic Event Cleaning Services

Mastertech Environmental is a professional, locally owned trauma cleanup & biohazard remediation company providing top-rated trauma cleanup, death cleanup & biohazard remediation to residents throughout Monmouth County NJ & Ocean County NJ.

We understand the weight that comes along with the responsibility of managing the aftermath of a traumatic incident.

Trauma cleanup situations are often contaminated with blood, bodily fluids & other biological materials that can be hazardous when exposed to them. Attempting cleanup on your own can not only be a health & safety hazard, but it can also be severely emotionally painful. It is important that Central Jersey property owners know that trauma cleanup should be left to the professionals.

Monmouth county cleaning service for trauma situations

Trauma cleanup must be completed following strict cleaning procedures and safety protocol. Without proper cleaning, messy and dangerous accidents can results in the biological contaminants can leave behind harmful residue. Our team of bioremediation specialists are highly experienced, skilled & certified to provide thorough & effective trauma cleanup services, safely restoring pre-incident conditions to the space.

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Don’t Face Trauma Cleanup Alone

Health & Safety Risks Involved with Trauma Cleanup

Bio contaminants present during a trauma cleanup are typically spread around a space and can be dispersed everywhere throughout the area.

This kind of mess has the potential to carry hazardous bacteria, bloodborne pathogens & viruses. Without proper personal protective equipment, exposure can pose a severe health & safety risk.

Attempting a trauma cleanup on your own can often be emotionally distressing & inadequate, leaving behind hazardous residue. Disturbing blood, bodily fluids & other biological contaminants without proper containment & PPE can cause cross-contamination to previously unaffected areas, risking the spread of hazardous bacteria. Even the smallest bit of residue can pose a major health & safety risk.

Whether it be an accident, suicide, or unattended death, trauma scenes can be emotionally painful & overwhelming for those closest to the situation. Mastertech Environmental is here to take some of the weight of managing the trauma cleanup situation off of your shoulders, both for your physical safety & mental wellbeing. 

Our Specialists Use Professional equipment & cleaning Products So Your Space Will Be Cleaner Than It Was Before The Incident

Trained & Certified Trauma Cleanup Specialists – Central Jersey

Unlike a standard property cleaning service, trauma cleanup & biohazard remediation is considered a specialty service, requiring specific training, proper equipment, certification & experience. Professional bioremediation companies specialize in the thorough removal, disposal & disinfection of biological contaminants left behind following a traumatic incident or death. Mastertech’s trauma cleanup specialists are trained & certified in carefully extracting contaminated materials, disinfecting & deodorizing the scene, and restoring pre-incident conditions to the property. 

Mastertech’s trauma cleanup team is professionally trained, certified & experienced, providing cleaning services to property owners throughout the Central Jersey area who have been left to manage the aftermath of a traumatic incident. There are specific safety regulations & quality control standards when it comes to the handling of biological materials in order to ensure proper removal & disposal of contamination.

We are fully licensed, certified & insured to provide trauma cleanup & biohazard remediation services throughout Ocean County NJ & Monmouth County NJ. 

Trauma Cleanup Process

contamination inspection monmouth county nj


Technicians conduct a thorough visual assessment of the scene, determining the full extent of the contamination & identifying all potential hazards. 

biohazard containment new jersey


Containment chambers must be applied to isolate the contaminated area before cleaning to prevent cross-contamination & avoid spreading harmful bacteria.

decontamination new jersey


Technicians safely remove & dispose of all biological contaminants present at the scene, disposing of them at approved disposal sites.

disinfection monmouth county


The contaminated area must undergo thorough disinfection, sanitization & deodorizations to ensure safe & clean conditions are restored to the area.

Ocean County’s #1 Trauma Cleanup Company

For years, residential & commercial property owners throughout the Ocean County NJ & Monmouth County NJ areas have trusted us with all their sensitive cleanup needs. We understand the importance of the quality of our services when clients are dealing with managing the aftermath of a traumatic incident.

Mastertech is committed to providing the safest, most thorough & effective death cleanup services the industry has to offer. When dealing with biological contaminants, it is important that cleanup is thorough, safe & effective.

Our technicians are fully trained, licensed & certified, following strict cleaning procedures, safety protocol & quality control standards. We promise to take the very best care of your property and deliver the highest quality cleaning services.

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The Mastertech Team is currently providing biohazard remediation & trauma cleanup services to residential & commercial property owners throughout the Ocean County NJ & Monmouth County NJ areas.

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