Should I Be Worried About Mold Growth In My Home?

You need to promptly and actively remove mold growth, and address the moisture source properly. Unaddressed mold growth and moisture will only worsen with time and spread to previously clean areas. It is important for Ocean County New Jersey property owners to conduct regular maintenance checks. And pay close attention to the warning signs of … Read more

What to Expect During a Mold Inspection

Why Get A Mold Inspection in Ocean County and Monmouth County, NJ? Exposure to mold spores can be a serious health hazard for New Jersey homeowners, so mold inspections and subsequent mold removal are vital processes for homes with hidden growths. If you suspect your house may have a mold or mildew issue, a qualified … Read more

How Mold Starts Growing Inside Your Walls And What To Do

Mold contamination: How Mold Starts Growing within the wall cavities Whenever unwanted water invades your home, you are at risk of visible water damage. However, another dangerous scenario might develop. Mold inside the walls. Understanding how mold starts growing can help prevent this. Since all the mold growing in all the spaces inside your home … Read more

How To Prevent Mold In Your Summer Home

How To Prevent Mold – Keeping Your Shore Home Mold Free Spring is officially here and that means summer is right around the corner. That means if you own a summer home and like to come down to the lovely beaches of the Jersey Shore you may NOT be thinking of how to prevent mold … Read more