Where To Check For Mold In Your Home

check home for mold in monmouth county new jersey

Mold Can Grow In A Clean Home – Moisture Is The Key

No matter how thoroughly you clean your house, you could be harboring a silent invader: mold. Mold and mildew thrive in the secret, damp, warm spaces inside your home, and mold exposure can be a serious health hazard to the inhabitants. Mold spores lead to toxic air quality, so a growth requires immediate professional mold removal from a mold specialist like MasterTech Environmental.

Mold Hotspots Are Places Where It Is Most Likely To Grow

Moisture and warmth are two primary environmental growth factors for mildew and mold in the home. If you suspect you might have undetected mold in your house due to an odor, signs of mold sickness, or decreased air quality, you should check three major hotspots: basements, attics, and crawl spaces.

All three of these places have poor air circulation, are prone to dampness, and can experience water leakage, which makes them perfect for undetected mold growth. However, mold can grow anywhere in the home under the right conditions, so a certified mold inspection is essential regardless of your findings. If you suspect a mold issue in your home, you should always call an expert mold remediation company to inspect and remove the infestation.

Mold Testing Will Determine What Kind Of Mold Is Growing

When MasterTech Environmental arrives at your home to conduct a mold inspection and perform mold testing, our expertly trained technicians will carry out a thorough process from start to finish. A mold expert will conduct a visual inspection, digital documentation, thermal imaging, moisture mapping, airborne mold testing, surface mold testing, and inner wall testing. Then, you will receive a mold inspection report.

We will also provide an explanation of the upcoming mold remediation process (if applicable). Our technicians will carry out the mold restoration process with proven methods and tried-and-true equipment to leave your home mold-free, clean, and healthy!

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