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Situations involving a crime or trauma resulting in bodily harm or death often leave behind blood, bodily fluids & other bio contaminants causing hazardous property damage. When the dust settles, family members & property owners are left with the responsibility of cleaning up the scene.

Crime scene cleanup is considered a specialized cleaning service. Scenes contaminated with blood & bodily fluids are not only emotionally distressing, but they also pose potentially severe health & safety risks. Bodily fluids & blood spills are considered biohazard contamination, and exposure to these hazardous materials can be risky.

Crime scene cleanup should be properly handled by a local professional crime scene cleanup & biohazard remediation company. 

Mastertech Environmental is a locally owned, professionally trained & certified biohazard remediation company that specializes in sensitive services such as crime scene cleanup. We offer our crime scene cleanup, blood cleanup & biohazard remediation services all throughout all of Central Jersey, including Ocean County NJ and Monmouth County NJ.

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The Importance of Safe & Efficient Crime Scene Cleanup

Crime scene cleanups often mean needing to safely navigate around bloodborne pathogens, bacteria, and other biohazards. This is why it is important for cleaning to be completed by trained professionals who have the proper experience, equipment, and PPE necessary to effectively perform the service.

It is highly hazardous, not to mention traumatizing, for someone without the necessary industry experience & equipment to attempt a crime scene cleanup on their own.

Contact your local biohazard remediation professionals to provide a safe, thorough crime scene cleanup, ensuring that all traces of biological contaminants & traumatic incidents are eliminated from the space.

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The health & safety risks involved when handling blood & crime scene cleanups makes the job one that should be left to the professionals. Blood, bodily fluids, & other bio contaminants require specialized retrieval, removal & disposal techniques to avoid mishandling.

Improper execution of a crime scene cleanup can lead to the spread of harmful bacteria & disease. Certified crime scene cleanup experts are diligently trained to not only contain the scene, but to effectively remove & dispose of bio contaminants and thoroughly restore the space to pre-incident conditions. 

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Professionally Trained Crime Scene Cleanup Technicians

Sensitive cleanup services involving the removal & disposal of blood and other bio contaminants are considered specialized cleaning services, requiring proper licensing, certifications, training & state of the art equipment.

Our expert technicians undergo intensive training regarding safety, sensitivity & technical training as well as industry certification. This ensures that they are ready for any job, no matter the circumstance.

Due to the sensitive nature of our work, we understand that presenting ourselves with professionalism, discretion & compassion is equally as important as the quality of the work itself. You can trust that your property is in good hands with the technicians here at Mastertech. 

Crime Scene Cleanup Services

The complex nature of a crime scene cleanup & the health hazards associated with it makes it a specialized cleaning service. Blood, bodily fluids & other bio contaminants can carry dangerous pathogens & deadly diseases. The severe health & safety risks associated with handling biological contaminants means that cleanup technicians must follow specialized cleaning procedures, safety protocol & quality control standards.

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Technicians conduct an initial assessment identifying all potential hazards & determining the extent of contamination present. 

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Containment allows technicians to isolate the contaminated area & prevent the spread of unnecessary cross-contamination. 

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All blood & biological  contaminants are safely removed & properly disposed of at a designated disposal site.

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Thorough sanitization, disinfection & deodorization of the areas of concern restores safe & habitable conditions to the space. 

Toms River’s Most Trusted Crime Scene Cleanup Service

Residential & commercial properties alike trust Mastertech Environmental with all their crime scene cleanup & biohazard remediation needs. We value the quality of our work & our clients’ satisfaction over all else. Prioritizing both your safety and ours, we can ensure you an effective cleanup of all biological contaminants.

Crime scene cleanup jobs require more than what the standard cleaning service can provide. Mastertech Environmental ensures safe, effective cleanup of all biological contaminants associated with a crime scene cleanup situation.

The risks involved in a crime scene cleanup are far too vast for you to handle on your own, so call the professionals for help. 

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We service areas throughout Ocean County, Monmouth County with crime scene cleanup, blood cleanup & bioremediation services of the highest quality. MasterTech Environmental provides professional crime scene cleanup to areas including Tuckerton, New Jersey.

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