Mold Testing In Monmouth County and Ocean County, NJ

Mastertech Environmental’s professionally trained mold inspectors are certified & experienced in performing mold testing services in both residential & commercial properties throughout Monmouth County & Ocean County. 

Mold testing is the collection of samples from an environment where mold contamination is suspected. These samples are then subject to laboratory analysis in order to determine whether mold is present, the level of contamination, and the species of mold present.

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The objective of this mold testing process is to determine whether or not there is an elevated level of mold spores within an indoor environment. 

While there are cases of mold being visibly obvious, this is not always the case. Strategic mold testing paired with other aspects of Mastertech’s thorough mold inspection process allow us to uncover hidden mold problems within your property. If you need black mold testing, Mastertech Environmental can help. 732-716-2384.

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Understanding Indoor Mold Growth

Settled mold spores that have been exposed to enough moisture will germinate and root themselves into porous building materials within the structure of your property. This can develop into a major mold problem if it is left untreated. While there are cases of mold that are visually apparent, identifying it is not always so straightforward.

Mold breaks down organic matter, which is why it is an important part of our natural outdoor environment. It is normal for there to be some level of mold in the atmosphere of your property. It becomes an issue when mold spores begin to thrive in excess in an indoor environment where indoor mold spore count exceeds that of natural outdoor levels.

With mold testing, inspectors are able to identify mold spore elevations that exist beyond what is visible. 

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Air Quality Testing & Surface Sampling For Mold

The laboratory analysis of a mold test is most useful when paired with the findings from the rest of a detailed, comprehensive mold inspection. A mold inspection will provide important context for the results of the laboratory analysis.

The main objective of a professional mold inspection is not only to determine whether or not there is a mold problem, but also to determine the source of the moisture sustaining fungal growth. When it is determined that there is in fact a mold problem within the structure, the secondary objectives of a mold inspection are as follows: 

  • Identifying the severity of the contamination, contaminated materials, and areas that are affected. 
  • Providing appropriate recommendations for safe, effective mold remediation as well as tips for preventing mold from returning in the future. 
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Test For Mold To Protect Your Family and Your Property

Untreated mold & moisture damage often worsens overtime, leaving property owners with widespread mold contamination & property damage.
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Professional Mold Inspection Process

Through the use of moisture mapping equipment, thermal imaging cameras and mold testing techniques, Mastertech’s expert mold inspectors are able to take a closer look at the moisture issues within the property, isolating conditions that are conducive to fungal development. Collecting surface samples & air quality samples from areas of concern allows inspectors to identify potential mold spore elevations, as well as types of mold present in the property.

All mold testing samples taken are subject to analysis by a 3rd-party accredited laboratory. Your Mastertech mold inspector will verbally explain the lab results, developing a detailed inspection report that outlines the findings of the inspection as well as any recommendations that the inspector makes.

Mastertech’s inspectors value honesty & professionalism over all, so you can trust that you’re in good hands.

Ocean County’s Most Trusted Mold Testing Services With Mold Inspection

For residential & commercial property owners concerned about potential mold development in their properties, the mold inspection specialists at Mastertech are here to help. Our expert mold inspectors provide thorough mold inspections, including mold testing, to accurately assess any mold concerns you may be having. If professional mold removal is required, we are experienced and certified to hand that as well.

Our inspectors are diligently trained, certified and licensed to test for mold throughout Monmouth County & Ocean County NJ. We use state of the art equipment & inspection techniques, following specific mold inspection procedures, ensuring a proper assessment of your mold concerns. 

Here at Mastertech, we understand how stressful it can be for property owners dealing with mold issues. Our inspectors are here to respond with honesty, respect & professionalism – every single time. To learn more about our inspection & mold testing process, call our local mold inspectors in Toms River NJ.

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