How To Prevent Mold In Your Summer Home

jersey shore summer home mold prevention

Keeping Your Shore Home Mold Free

Spring is officially here and that means summer is right around the corner. That means if you own a summer home and like to come down to the lovely beaches of the Jersey Shore you may NOT be thinking of how to prevent mold from growing in your summer home this season. New Jersey is home to some of the best beaches on the east coast. Places like Long Beach Township are right on the barrier island but, even towns that are inland such as Toms River are no stranger to shore homeowners who may have mold growing in their homes. 

Mold Prevention Strategy

There are a few small steps and simple things that you a homeowner can do while at your home or away for the work week to keep your home safe from potential problems that lead to mold growth. First if you have read any of our other blogs you may be familiar with the fact that mold needs a few things to grow. It needs moisture and it needs an organic food source. Sorry to say most of the materials used to build your beautiful summer homes are made from organic materials such as wood, sheetrock, and paper. Now that is okay if we can control the moisture which can be a little bit more difficult especially in the high humid months of the summer. As we often say, “control the moisture and you can control the mold growth.” 

So how do we control the moisture when you live at the beach, in places like Long Beach Township. Dehumidification is a big help and can really keep the humidity in your home from becoming to high. Some molds only need 60-70% relative humidity to grow. Living at the beach where there is almost constant humidity, in a home where family member may be constantly tracking in and out of all day will really put your homes HVAC and Air conditioner into overdrive.

Stay on top of checking the filter in your HVAC unit as well. As the filter builds up with dust and contaminants that float around your home, they will restrict air flow through your HVAC unit and can often times cause condensation through the ducting. 

You can also do another simple task which is to simply increase air flow within your home. Ceiling fans, oscillating fans, even setting your HVAC unit to run the fan periodically can go a long way to keep any moisture filled stagnant air in your home from feeding mold.

Keeping up with periodic home maintenance of your home and checking those areas that you do not normally go into such as an attic or crawl space. Wind off the beach can do a lot of damage to your homes exterior if you are not prepared for it. 

So now you know just a few ways you can go about protecting your home…

  • Dehumidification
  • Increased air flow
  • Check your HVAC Filter
  • Periodic home maintenance
  • Check forgotten areas such as attics and crawlspaces. 

These are some pretty easy ways you can go about keeping control over the amount of moisture in your Jersey Shore home. Beach front property like homes in Long Beach Township, but even in land towns like Toms River can be exposed to elevated humidity and we want you to be able to protect your homes and your family. If you are concerned about humidity, or potential mold growth in your shore home our certified mold inspector can help find it. We can provide you with a plan to protect your home for the future. We can even provide remediation if you are in need. To find out more information Call us at 732-716-2384 and our team can help you.

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