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MasterTech Environmental Jersey Shore is the solution if you’re a realtor looking for the most reliable home inspector in the Monmouth County or Ocean County, NJ area

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Choose MasterTech Environmental Jersey Shore if you’re seeking a truly remarkable company to add to your list of suggested home inspectors. We are a reputable real estate inspector who, like you, does the job well, so we positively reflect your business practices.

You’ve found Monmouth County and Ocean County’s most most reputable mold inspection service. Actually based in Toms River, New Jersey, MasterTech Environmental Jersey Shore provides services to residental and commercial locations from Hazlet all the way down to Beach Haven, New Jersey. If there is any indoor mold growth that worries residents of the Jersey Shore area, they can turn to MasterTech for an unbiased evaluation of the matter.

When we noticed that the majority of mold testing was being overlooked and people who had serious mold problems were being given misinformation about how to handle the issue, we knew it was important to act. Over the years, we’ve gotten a lot of support, and word of our excellent reputation has traveled across New Jersey.

Offering our services with honest communication that’s delivered in order to protect your clients from making a poor investment or at minimum, knowing what needs to be done to make the property they intend to buy or sell safe is our goal. Understand that we only care about providing you with the FACTS; whether you have mold or not is irrelevant to us. Here is a step-by-step breakdown of our workflow and what to anticipate.

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The Connection Between A Realtor And A Home Inspector

Some first-time home buyers might not even be aware that a house inspection is a crucial part of the property purchase in New Jersey, let alone how to choose a home inspector. The realtor typically suggests to potential buyers to conduct a thorough house inspection in order to identify and address any faults with the property before closing. Both the realtor and the customer benefit from a thorough house inspection because a happy home buyer is more likely to employ the realtor again and suggest his or her services to friends and family.

Dial 732-716-2384 to reach MasterTech Environmental and book an appointment for a mold inspection. Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Inspector conducts visual inspection;
  • Required: 1 outside, 1 inside air sample -If desired, additional air or surface samples may be advised and taken.
  • Samples sent to an analysis facility that is accredited by AIHA
  • Inspector explains laboratory findings in comprehensive New Jersey mold inspection report
  • Plan for removing mold based on findings is offered (If Necessary)
  • Outstanding customer service.

Why Use MasterTech Environmental Jersey Shore?

We are confident that after working with us, you’ll concur that your list of suggested house inspections should include our qualified, experienced personnel. We have in-depth knowledge of properties; we promptly schedule and carry out detailed inspections; we explain the home’s systems and necessary upkeep to the buyer; and we deliver a concise, accurate report within two business days.

We are realistic and manage expectations. We let the buyer know that we are aware that not every finding is critical or demands quick attention. In addition to highlighting any issues identified during the inspection, we offer suggestions for how to address these issues so that you and your buyer can proceed with the purchase with confidence.

Don’t just believe what we say! We invite you to come to one of our upcoming home inspections and see for yourself how we operate.

If you’ve found yourself on our website, you may be in the process of guiding your real estate clients to either buy or sell a home. Something at the property may have you worried about the potential for indoor mold growth.

The fact that indoor mold growth may be to blame for various health problems is one that is being supported by research. Regular exposure to elevated mold levels has been linked to respiratory problems, mold allergies, asthma that is caused, dry eyes, sore throats, skin rashes, and other uncommon or more serious illnesses. It’s also possible that even though you are symptom-free, you have noticed or smelled something unusual.

Perhaps your clients want to make sure mold is not a concern after having water damage or mold cleanup done in their house recently. While they are expecting a kid or buying a home in Monmouth County or Ocean County, clients just want to be at ease. Whatever it is that worries you, we can determine whether or not mold is a problem.

NJ Real Estate Mold Inspection Process

Each inspection begins with a thorough visual evaluation of the entire property. Any potential red flag spots, such as those with water intrusion, excessive moisture, or obvious mold growth, will be identified using specialized tools of the trade, such as moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras. The area of greatest concern will be identified at the conclusion of the visual.

To establish baseline values for what is typical and acceptable in the area, we’ll collect an air sample from here and compare it to an air sample taken outside as a control. These two samples ought to be reasonably comparable if there are no issues because there are some levels of mold spores typically traveling in the air everywhere.

To confirm a problem’s source or determine how widespread a problem is, additional samples might be suggested. You can typically anticipate that 1-2 extra samples will be suggested for each problem area. Anything over the first two is entirely up to you, but our inspector can explain how or why they would be useful if you decide to accept them and submit them.

A thorough report outlining the issues will be given to those who do have heightened conditions. With this, we want to give you exactly what you need to do to solve the issues—no more, no less. Some individuals ponder the need for an immediate inspection if they notice mold. You must first understand that not all mold is a problem. Unfortunately, due to the actions of other businesses in this sector, many believe that all mold development is toxic black mold whereas in fact certain mold growth is quite frequent and perfectly safe.

We are able to determine exactly what is going on by having a licensed New Jersey mold inspector conduct the sampling. You will be aware of any of our concerns by the time we are done with our examination. How much of each type of mold is present, where the source is, and how far it has spread, along with its species.

Knowing all of this information is crucial when deciding what work needs to be done. If elevated circumstances do exist with a source that needs to be treated, we will be able to give you instructions for a comprehensive mold cleanup, mold removal and mold remediation.

Beware of any contractor or repair business that advertises “Free Mold Inspections,” since they stand to gain financially from your need for professional mold removal. Especially if the examination is merely a visual assessment without lab testing and a comprehensive report of their findings. You cannot tell by looking at a species of mold whether it is hazardous or not. Naturally, not every repair business is dishonest, but why take a chance when there is an opportunity to acquire the opinion of a licensed and experienced New Jersey mold inspector?

Call us at 732-716-2384 if you’d like to speak with our staff about your situation, ask any concerns, or just set up an appointment. We’ll be pleased to assist you. Additionally, all of the following metro areas’ cities are served by Mold Inspection & Mold Testing by MasterTech Environrmantal Jersey Shore in Toms River, NJ.

When you decide to undergo the mold removal process we will provide a clearance test to prove the task is complete. As a mold restoration business, we will set up a containment area where the job is being done when a specific region is being addressed. The final air sample will come from the confinement area. If the job is done correctly, the air sample will reveal acceptable levels and no additional work is required.

In the Jersey Shore area, we are happy to provide our services to general contractors and other mold restoration firms that want to make sure their work was done correctly. We will be pleased to assist whether you need pre-remediation inspections or post-remediation verification tests.

We can offer you some savings and expedited results if you’re interested in using our mold testing services frequently. We are aware that keeping your customers happy is essential to the success of your company, and we want to do everything in our power to assist you in doing so.

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