How To Stop Mold Damage By Controlling Indoor Air Humidity

control indoor air humidity to stop mold damage in monmouth county new jersey

Stop Mold Damage In Monmouth County and Ocean County, NJ

Here in Toms River, New Jersey, we are no strangers to humidity. Humidity, while great for dry skin, can cause a number of problems in your home – the biggest one being mold.

Water is vital for mold to grow and thrive, and a high relative humidity means there is excess moisture in the air. This is why mold does so well and is commonly found in areas where there is a lot of humidity whether from the weather or in rooms like showers and locker rooms. So, how can you keep indoor air humidity low and prevent mold damage from taking over your home?

How To Control Humidity Inside Your Home

Keep indoor air at a cool temperature

Air conditioners remove moisture from the air as they cool the air down, which means it is a great tool at decreasing humidity. Keeping your air set to a cool temperature will not only make your home more comfortable, but will also reduce airborne water vapor that can contribute to mold growth. Be sure that your HVAC is well maintained, the filter is changed regularly, and it is set at a manageable yet cool temperature to help keep mold at bay.

Increase the airflow through your home

Indoor air quality can greatly improve the health of your living space, and also makes it difficult for moisture to accumulate and facilitate mold growth. What’s even better? Running your HVAC system (As described above) is a great way to increase the airflow in and through your home. You can also utilize fans to keep the air moving, leave inside doors open so air can move in and out of rooms, and even open windows every now and then. Allowing fresh air to flow freely into and throughout your home can help reduce the risk of mold growth. 

Buy a dehumidifier

If you are having a hard time keeping humidity at bay in your home, consider purchasing a dehumidifier. Dehumidifiers work by removing excess moisture from the air, and collecting the condensation inside. Be sure to empty and clean out your dehumidifier according to manufacturer’s guidelines to prevent mold from growing inside of it. 

Utilize exhaust fans in bathrooms and kitchens

Exhaust fans pull air that is heavy with moisture to the outside through vents. When showering, turn on the exhaust fan in the bathroom to remove moisture from the outside, and be sure to use the exhaust fan above the stove when cooking with steam.

Even with taking every precaution in the book, mold growth cannot be 100% prevented. That being said, if you notice mold damage in your Monmouth County or Ocean County, New Jersey home, call Mastertech Environmental Jersey Shore. We understand how mold grows and spreads, and we are trained and certified to safely remove mold from your home.

Mold damage will only worsen if left untreated, and mold exposure can cause a number of respiratory symptoms to all those in the household, so do not waste any time getting your mold damage situation handled by the professionals. Do all you can to keep indoor humidity low, and call Mastertech when you need help with mold damage. 

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