Signs You Have Mold In Your Home In Ocean County, NJ

signs of mold in your toms river home

Homeowners are no strangers to mold damage in Toms River, NJ. Mold will begin to grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours after the water begins to collect in your property. It’s difficult to keep mold growth in check once it starts. It is not always obvious when mold is growing until it’s too late. While expert mold removal services are available to assist you in removing and cleaning mold, it is critical that you are able to recognize signs of mold so that you can seek the help you need quickly.

There are five signs you have mold In Your Home:

  1. Musty Smell
  2. Recent Flooding
  3. Water Leaks
  4. Surface Discoloration
  5. Condensation

Musty Smell May Be Signs You Have Mold

There are times when there are no visible water collections to alert us to the presence of black mold. Instead, we must depend on our sense of smell to lead us in the right direction. If a room has a strong, musty smell, there is a good possibility mold is developing there.

Keep track of any weird smells you encounter and see whether you notice them more than once. If this is a recurring problem, it is time to conduct a thorough examination and call in a professional mold inspector. This includes when you use your air conditioner or heater, as mold can grow in the ventilation system as well.


Flooding in your property is one of the most common signs that it’s time to be concerned about mold. Any buildup of water, either in the basement or the toilet, is a cause for alarm.

If there is a water problem, you should try to get it under control as quickly as possible. Standing puddles of water not only cause damage to your house but also provide the perfect setting for fast mold growth. After removing the water, use heaters or fans to dry out the space, and keep a close watch on all of the areas that were flooded.

Leaks May Be Signs You Have Mold

It is not only large pools of water that end up causing mold issues. Leaks from the roof or pipes can be dangerous as well. Because a leak isn’t as noticeable harmful as a big accumulation of water, it is sometimes easier to overlook it for a while. But when it comes to mold, even a tiny drop of water can be dangerous.

Keep tabs for any leaks in your home and get them fixed quickly. While drying out the space may be enough to put the mold at bay, it’s also crucial to keep an eye on the area while it dries for any more mold signs.


The presence of discoloration is a strong warning sign of mold. The dark speckling is the most alarming of the signs, and it usually needs professional black mold removal services.  This type of discoloration normally begins small and then progresses to a larger size. You can catch the mold before it causes too much damage if you recognize the signs in the early stages.

If you see discoloration in your house, contact professional mold removal services in Toms River immediately.


Internal condensation forms near windows and is a sign that there is an issue with moisture balance. Moisture imbalances in your house might affect regions that are not visible, such as behind the walls and in the ceiling. Since these locations aren’t visible, mold signs might go undetected for long periods, so keep an eye out for condensation build-up.

If you notice some of these signs of mold, contact the experts at Mastertech Environmental Jersey Shore right away for a free estimate. Our crew will work quickly to clean and eradicate the mold, allowing you to return to your home feeling safe and secure. For mold removal services in Toms River, get in touch with us today.

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