Hoarding Cleanup And Specialized Cleanup Techniques

What Is Hoarding And Hoarding Cleanup Hoarding is an increasingly common mental disorder in today’s society. It is characterized by a person’s persistent difficulty discarding certain items. Even if the items are of no use to them. Some commonly hoarded items can be junk mail, clothes, containers, and even sometimes animals. This disorder can have … Read more

What Is Hoarding? Here’s How To Get Help

Do you struggle with a hoarding disorder? MasterTech will help with removal, disposal or simple organization. No matter what you call it (cleaning, clutter removal, or decluttering), getting rid of unnecessary items is essential to managing the large amounts STUFF that piles up in our homes. We at Master Tech Jersey Shore are masters at … Read more

Recognizing the Signs of Hoarding Disorder

What Is Hoarding Disorder and the Signs of Harding Disorder? Hoarding disorder is a legitimate mental health condition that affects up to 6% of the population. It is a form of obsessive compulsive disorder. This is characterized by the excessive accumulation of possessions that are deemed to have little or no value, along with the … Read more