What is hoarding? Decluttering? Uncluttering? Clutter Removal?

August 13, 2020 • Hoarding Cleanup

Do you struggle with a hoarding disorder? MasterTech will help with removal, disposal or simple organization. No matter what you call it (cleaning, clutter removal, decluttering, or uncluttering), getting rid of unnecessary items is essential to managing the large amounts STUFF that piles up in our homes. We at Master Tech Jersey Shore are masters at quick, efficient Organizing, Removal and Disposal.

Hoarding is both a psychological burden and a physical danger due to potential biohazards like human or animal feces. Because advanced hoarding situations are hazardous to human health, it is important to tackle these issues as soon as possible with a professional hoarding specialist. MasterTech clean up company provides judgement-free hoarding cleaning services when people with hoarding disorders or their relatives are ready to start the healing process. We will work with you or a loved one to deal with a hoarding situation with compassion, professionality, confidentiality, and understanding. Items will be donated to charity, safely discarded in a landfill, or transferred to a storage facility according to environmental standards and your wishes. With MasterTech cleaning help for hoarders, we can even recommend help in the form of doctors and counselors; we will help you treat the psychology behind hoarding disorders while treating the physical problem itself with expert care.

Whether you or a loved one struggle with a hoarding disorder or simple “pack rat” tendencies, MasterTech can help. According to the American Psychiatric Association, hoarding refers to a compulsive disorder in which a person feels compelled to save items others might perceive as worthless. Items in a hoarder’s home often include unmanageable amounts of old clothes, trash, paperwork, or even animals like cats or dogs. Hoarding is much more than simple disorganization, collection, or having too much clutter; while collectors seek out specific items, hoarders keep and store things haphazardly and allow spaces to accumulate an unhealthy amount of objects and trash. Two to six percent of the American population suffers from a hoarding disorder, and it’s something we take very seriously at MasterTech

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